Welcome to Congregation Beth-El Zedeck!

Beth-El Zedeck, also known as “The House of the God of Righteousness”, has adapted to the changes in modern Jewish thought and practice, while still maintaining the warmth and richness of our religious heritage.

This congregation is affiliated with both the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Reconstructing Judaism, and it welcomes all who are interested in continual learning, social action, interfaith engagement, and exploring Judaism as a constantly evolving religious civilization.

Featured in the photo on the left are our clergy, Associate Rabbi Hal Schevitz and Cantor Melissa Cohen.

Belief and Practice

  • Our community is deeply rooted in Torah (learning), Avodah (worship), and G’milut Hasadim (deeds of lovingkindness).

  • We believe in the unity of all humanity and celebrate our shared worship of God.

  • We cherish the Torah as a spiritual and cultural heritage, a ritual and moral tradition that guides our lives.

  • We take responsibility for preserving the Torah as an inheritance from the past and a legacy for future generations.

  • We honor and value the equal participation of women and men in our congregation and in the continuity of Judaism.

  • We affirm and respect all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnic identity, or disability.

  • Our goal is to create a Judaism that speaks to the whole person — mind, heart, and soul.

  • As Zionists, we are committed to a free, democratic, and pluralistic State of Israel.

  • We celebrate the freedom and diversity of America and recognize the importance of a strong diaspora community.

  • Beth-El Zedeck is our House of Prayer, House of Study, and House of Fellowship — a laboratory of Jewish life and a sanctuary of memory and celebration.
Atrium of Remembrance


Our synagogue community is comprised of three essential groups: the Sisterhood, the Men's Club, and the Foundation. Each of these groups plays a critical role in enriching the lives of our community members and supporting our synagogue. The Sisterhood provides a welcoming and supportive space for women to connect, learn, and contribute to the synagogue and broader community. The Men's Club offers opportunities for men to come together, participate in social and educational events, and support various initiatives. The Foundation is responsible for supporting the long-term financial stability of our synagogue and ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy a vibrant Jewish community. Together, these three arms work in harmony to strengthen our community and ensure that we can continue to provide meaningful Jewish experiences for years to come.

Sisterhood promotes the welfare of the Congregation, enriches the family, educational and civic life of the community, supports our religious school and assists the financial and spiritual goals of the Congregation. We are affiliated with the Central Great Lakes Region of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. Sisterhood also operates the beautiful Maurer-Mishkin-Ornstein Gallery of Judaica which features a rich variety of Judaic items.

Our Sisterhood is an active participant in Shabbat and Minyan services. We love to chant Torah and assist in leading prayers. Apart from that, we engage in various activities such as playing Mahj, studying Torah, supporting the Torah Fund, and running the Mitzvah Corps. This corps helps those who are ill or homebound. We also organize a Tu BiSh’vat Seder, welcome new members, send care packages to college students, and much more.

Our Men’s Club is dedicated to providing many services to the synagogue and community. It sponsors educational, religious and family programming, and assists in the financial and spiritual goals of the congregation. Men’s Club dues help fund numerous programs at the synagogue, from Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts to Confirmation award to orange juice at the conclusion of Yom Kippur.

Foundation Officers: Rebecca Geyer, Chair; Matt Burnett, Vice Chair; Amanda Siegel, Secretary; and Janice Potash, Treasurer

Foundation Board members: Jessica Feigenbaum, Dan Fox, Andie Friedman, Ellen Gabovitch, Helen Goldstein, Gale Halperin, Arnie Hanish, Todd Katz (ex-officio), Cindi Koplow, Todd Maurer (ex-officio), Larry Mitzman, Brian Nachlis, David Resnick, Karl Smith, Harry Tishler, and David Vonnegut-Gabovitch

The Beth-El Zedeck Foundation was established as a separate legal entity by the Beth-El Zedeck Board of Directors to provide funding for programs and physical property improvements at the synagogue. The Foundation is carefully managed by lay leaders and financial professionals.

In addition to its annual minimum 5% contribution, the Foundation has:

  • kept our building solid by: funding roof repairs, fixing and maintaining our heating and air conditioning systems, painting walls and replacing carpeting, purchasing a new walk-in freezer for the kitchen, and so on.
  • funded technological improvements throughout the synagogue, from financing our very first computer system in 1986 to a major system upgrade in 2010.
  • provided $200,000 to the Roots & Wings project to expand our beautiful building.
  • helped fund the Assistant Rabbi searches in 2013 and 2016 and underwritten other staff positions.

In short, if there’s a major project that needs doing at Beth-El Zedeck, the Foundation is our go-to source for funding.

Why should I support the Foundation?

Your dues alone cannot cover the expenses of running and maintaining our synagogue. So, just as the Foundation is the base of support for Beth-El Zedeck, you are the base upon which the Foundation rests.

Beth-El Zedeck is your congregational family and your spiritual home. It’s a gathering place for prayers and renewal and comfort, for teaching and learning, for festivals and meals and rejoicing. The Foundation generates and safeguards donations to be used for maintaining your spiritual home.

Supporting the Foundation means you’re connected: You’re connected to those who have come before you who planted the seeds of growth for BEZ, and you’ll be connected to those yet to come for whom you are now planting. You are creating a legacy.

Consider the impact of this legacy: You’ll be assuring that the Beth-El Zedeck you know and love will remain strong and vibrant for generations to come. The healthier the Foundation is, the more money it can give to the synagogue for projects that benefit everyone.

How is my Foundation pledge recognized?

Pledges to the Foundation are honored with an engraved plaque on the Tree of Life in the Kraft Family Sanctuary Lobby.

Small Silver Leaf $1,000 – $2,499
Small Gold Leaf $2,500 – $4,999
Medium Silver Leaf $5,000 – $9,999
Medium Gold Leaf $10,000 – $19,999
Large Silver Leaf $20,000 – $49,999
Large Gold Leaf $50,000 – $99,999
Foundation Stone $100,000 and above

Pledges are typically payable over five years, but we’re happy to customize your pledge period.

Can I make my pledge in honor or in memory of someone?

Absolutely. It’s always a perfect time to honor your family or the memory of a loved one. This is your Foundation. You should make your pledge in whatever way means the most to you.

Can I make a small one-time donation in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes! You specify the occasion and the person to whom you would like a card mailed, and we will handle the rest! Foundation donations are also listed in the synagogue’s print publication, the Besamim. To make a donation, send your check payable to Beth-El Zedeck Foundation and a note indicating any instructions to 600 West 70th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Contact Bonnie Craig at or 317-253-3441 if you have any questions.

Spiritual Leaders

rabbi hal headshot website 2023

Hal Schevitz

Associate Rabbi

rabbi dennis headshot website 2023

Dr. Dennis C. Sasso

Senior Rabbi Emeritus

rabbi sandy headshot website 2023


Senior Rabbi Emerita


shari headshot website 2023


Executive Director



Staff Accountant

bonnie craig headshot website 2023


HR Director

christy headshot website 2023


Early Childhood Director

jennifer headshot website 2023


Membership Services Coordinator

alex headshot website 2023


Marketing Director

robbie headshot website 2023

Robbie Alder

Programming Facilitator

george clipped


Education Director

becky schneider


Mashgiach and Early Childhood Chef

willie headshot website 2023


Building Supervisor

mima headshot website 2023

Jemima Rene

Early Childhood Chef


We are immensely grateful for our active Board of Directors who work tirelessly to support and improve the congregation.

Cindie Harp, President
Jennifer Rosenberg, First Vice-President
Rob Kirsh, Second Vice-President
Daniel Resnick, Treasurer
Todd Katz, Secretary

Steve Auslander
Danielle Bohm
Jenni Carman
Noah Dock
Margo Fox
Rebecca Geyer (ex-officio)
Lauren Hewitt
Beth Klapper
Cindi Koplow
Caitlin Lubline
Emma Law Oppman
Janice Potash
Amanda Siegel
Leslie Smulyan
Lauren Suttner