Your contribution will be promptly acknowledged with an appropriate card. Of course, no amount will be mentioned.
Donations to funds with $15 contribution level and higher will appear in the Besamim.

ONLY BETH-EL ZEDECK MEMBERS are able to make donations via this form. The donation amount will be included on your quarterly statement.
If you are a nonmember, please send a check and donation information to Congregation Beth-El Zedeck, 600 W. 70th St., Indianapolis, IN 46260.

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Sam Smulyan Memorial Lectureship Fund ($25)Alan and Linda Cohen Center for Jewish Learning and Living ($25)Alpert/Solotken Adult Library Fund ($25)Michael B. and Illene K. Maurer Youth Library Fund ($25)Maurice and Lillian Horwitz Book Fund ($25)Uncle Davy’s Cabin and Campgrounds ($25)Judaism and Civic Engagement Fund ($25)Living Torah Chai Fund ($18)Beautification Fund ($15)Barry Brodey Memorial S.K.I.P. Fund ($15)Daisy Baker Zaft Children’s Library Fund ($15)Esther and Stanley Levinson Memorial Fund ($15)Fred Fogle Confirmation Scholarship Fund ($15)Jacob and Sarah Solotken Memorial Fund ($15)Melrose/Miller Adolescent Education Fund ($15)Ronald Sklare Youth Scholarship Fund ($15)Sidney Maurer Memorial Feed The Hungry Fund ($15)Sam and Helen Weinberger Youth Development Fund ($15)Sandra Regenstrief Lipp Early Childhood Fund ($10)Family Programming Enrichment Fund ($10)Rabbi Sidney and Ben Judah Steiman Memorial Fund ($10)Robert B. Stolkin Memorial Fund ($10)Youth Activities Fund ($10)Kelly Street Ancestral Fund ($10)Schuchman/Napers Memorial Park Beautification Fund ($10)

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If you’d like to donate to any of the following funds, please send a check payable to the specific fund to Congregation Beth-El Zedeck, 600 W. 70th St., Indianapolis, In 46260.

  • Senior Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • Assistant Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
  • Sam and Anna Kaplan  Memorial Fund (Musical Enrichment) ($10 minimum payable to Cantor’s Discretionary Fund)
  • Beth-El Zedeck Foundation
  • Minyan Fund ($5)

For questions, please contact the synagogue office at 317-253-3441.