Youth Groups

Youth Groups

Youth Choir & Klezmer Band

Children may join our youth choir or Klezmer Band. The choir and band, under the direction of our cantor and music teacher, participate in family programs and services.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation includes Hebrew instruction in cooperation with the Bureau of Jewish Education or the Hasten Hebrew Academy. Synagogue sponsored family seminars, classes in trope (cantillation) and special tzedakah community service projects enrich the bar/bat mitzvah experience. Students are encouraged to use the skills they have learned by continued participation in services following Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Confirmation/High School Seminars

Our Confirmation (tenth grade) students participate in a trip to New York, emphasizing Jewish places of interest. High School Seminar (grades 11 and 12), taught by the Rabbis, offers post-confirmands an informal setting to explore their Jewish identity and learning.

Youth Groups

College Students

The congregation maintains contact with college students through regular Besamim bulletin mailings, e-mail and holiday packages. Our rabbis make regular visits to nearby university campuses.

U.S.Y. – United Synagogue Youth

Our U.S.Y., comprised of young people in grades 9 through 12, is an active, friendly group. It operates in three areas: cultural, religious and social. Peer-elected teen officers and board of directors govern its activities. Adult advisors, along with Youth Commission, provide guidance and leadership development.

B.E.T. – Beth-El Teens

youth_groupsTeens in 6th through 8th grade enjoy a variety of activities in our BET group, including religious, social, holiday and tzedakah projects. Adult advisors provide guidance and mentorship.

Sasso-Eisenberg Youth Lounge

The youth groups enjoy social, religious and cultural activities in the Sasso-Eisenberg Youth Lounge located in our Ethel & Harry Glanzman Youth Pavilion.

Contact the synagogue for more information, 317-253-3441.